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QUESTIONS?  Email hysarm@yahoo.com


  • Complete all online trainings.  Delay will result when trainings are not completed at the time your application is submitted.  (See below for more information)
  • Check expiration date on pass (passes expiring only on 8/31/2023 or earlier will be processed); the expiration date can be found on the backside of your physical pass or logging into your Affinity account under Application.
  • Registration should be completed by the applicant only; do not submit an application for someone else.  Note: Each person has their own unique user name and password; User names cannot be shared by multiple persons.  If you do not know your user name or password, email hysarm@yahoo.com
  • Legal name (no nicknames) and correct birthdate should be used when submitting a risk management application.  Background checks will be completed with legal name, birthdate and social security number.  Social security numbers are entered by the applicant when submitting a risk management application.  You may be charged for an additional background check if the background report comes back with the wrong name, date of birth or social security number. 
  • Complete on-line application in its entirety especially questions regarding prior convictions.
  • Submit social security number for background check**REQUIRED (if you do not have a SSN, send email to hysarm@yahoo.com)
  •   Incomplete applications will not be processed
  • When prompted select "Coach/Admin Registration"
  • When prompted select "Adult Risk Management" for play level
  • All approved passes will be valid for 2 seasonal years (expiring 8/31/2025)
  • $20 fee (payment by credit card only)

 Email hysarm@yahoo.com for questions or additional help.

New Coaches/Administrators

In addition to above:

  • Upload a headshot photo (individual pictures only) that will be printed on your pass. 
  • *No photos wearing hats or sunglasses will be accepted ; no shirtless photos will be accepted.
  • Unacceptable photos will result in a delay of your pass. 


ONLINE TRAININGS: Mandatory for ALL Coaches/Administrators

Each seasonal year, all Coaches and Administrators must complete and upload an online concussion (HCamp) and SafeSport training certificate to their Affinity account.  All certificates must be dated June 1, 2023 or later.  Certificates other than SafeSport or HCamp or dated before June 1, 2022 will not be accepted. 


 To obtain the link for the trainings, log on to your affinity account at hysa.affinitysoccer.com

  • Click on Certificates
  • Instructions and the link for the trainings can be found here.

 Note:  When completing your training, each person must use the email address found in affinity.  Email addresses cannot be shared.  Last name in Affinity must match name of the person completing the training.

Don't forget to upload your completed certificates.


Only coaches and administrators who have been approved for risk management AND completed and uploaded their certificates will receive a HYSA pass and can be added to team rosters. 

 If your pass is expiring on August 31, 2024, email your league registrar or hysarm@yahoo.com when all updated certificates have been uploaded.  Certificates will be need to be verified before you can be added to team roster(s).



All physical passes will be mailed to the address entered in the Affinity system (except Kauai*).  Keep pass in a safe place if not using during league season. 

 Note:  While leagues may not require you to have a physical pass displayed on your person when coaching a league game, ALL HYSA STATE TOURNAMENTS AND MAINLAND TOURNAMENTS REQUIRE A PHYSICAL PASS.  Keep your pass in a safe place until such times occur.   


*Kauai Coach/Administrator replacement passes will be mailed to the Kauai League registrar



To order a replacement pass, email hysarm@yahoo.com  The link will be provided to you.

 Replacement pass fee:  $10

Questions? Please email hysarm@yahoo.com 

Need Technical Support?  Call Affinity at 888-212-9666 or submit a help ticket from the hysa-affinitysports.com


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